CML: Treatment Considerations and Survivorship Challenges

Alison Loren, MD, MSCE, Raymond and Ruth Perelman School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

Recorded on April 21, 2020

Living with a chronic disease brings with it distinctive and often challenging psychosocial, emotional, and financial challenges. Tune in to this episode as Dr. Alison Loren from The University of Pennsylvania, describes many of the survivorship challenges her patients living with chronic myeloid leukemia face, as well as an understanding of a CML diagnosis and need for cutting edge therapies, the patient experience both on and off of therapy, long-term and late effects, and the need to understand each individual patient.
Alison Loren, MD, MSCE
Alison Loren, MD, MSCE
Associate Professor of Medicine
Vice Chair, Faculty Development, Department of Medicine
Director, Blood & Marrow Transplant, Cell Therapy & Transplant Program
Raymond and Ruth Perelman School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

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